Greetings from MDC Music, where you may explore your creative potential to the fullest. Are you an Ontario-based artist who is itching to improve your work, build a larger network, and launch a successful career? There’s nowhere else to look. Our all-inclusive development programs are painstakingly designed to empower artists just like you by offering unmatched chances for development, cooperation, and achievement.

About MDC Music MDC Music is committed to developing new artists and creating a lively, welcoming artistic community. It is at the vanguard of Ontario’s musical advancement. With years of expertise and a thorough awareness of the business environment, we provide customized plans made to meet the particular requirements and goals of every artist.

Our Courses

1. Workshops for Artist Development

Through our artist development programs, set off on a life-changing adventure of self-discovery and skill growth. These immersive seminars, which are led by seasoned professionals and industry experts, cover a wide range of topics, such as:

Songwriting Masterclasses: Learn from award-winning songwriters as you develop your songwriting abilities and unleash your creativity.

Methods of Performance: Transform your live presentations into remarkable experiences by enhancing your stage presence and audience involvement.

Recording and Production: Construct a professional-caliber musical vision by learning the ins and outs of recording, mixing, and mastering.

2. Programs for Mentoring

Through our mentorship programs, get insightful advice and individualized direction from seasoned artists and industry professionals. Our mentors are here to assist you negotiate the complexities of the artistic scene, share their knowledge, and provide critical comments, regardless of whether you’re a fledgling musician, visual artist, or multifunctional creator.

3. Events and Showcases for Networking

At our networking events and showcases, make valuable contacts, work with like-minded artists, and present your skills to professionals in the business. We provide artists a platform to flourish, connect, and thrive—from small parties to grand events.

4. Resources and Funding

Get access to resources, grants, and financing possibilities to help you with your artistic endeavors. We’re dedicated to removing financial obstacles and enabling artists to realize their ambitions, offering equipment loans as well as project awards.

Why Opt for MDC Music?

Knowledge: Take advantage of the knowledge of professionals in the field that have a successful track record.

Join a friendly group of artists, industry experts, and mentors who are as passionate and committed as you are.

Opportunities: Get access to special chances for collaboration, performance, and professional growth.

Impact: Add to Ontario’s dynamic cultural scene by using your creativity to make a meaningful difference.


“My artistic path has been greatly influenced by MDC Music’s workshops. The networking possibilities opened avenues I never would have imagined feasible, and the mentors gave me great advice.” – Singer-songwriter Sarah

Finding tools that are suited to my needs has been difficult for me as a visual artist. With their extensive programs and encouraging community, MDC Music filled that void and enabled me to advance as a professional and an artist.” – Michael, a painter

Our Assertion of Inclusion and Diversity

Here at MDC Music, we think that variety fosters innovation and creativity. Our goal is to establish a welcoming, inclusive space where artists of all stripes can freely express themselves and feel appreciated. Our initiatives are made to honor diversity and give voice to marginalized groups, guaranteeing that everyone has an equal chance to succeed in the arts.

Variety in Content

To provide diversity in our programming, we deliberately seek out different viewpoints and experiences. We work hard to provide artists with a wide range of opportunities to learn, work together, and develop. Some of these opportunities include curating workshops that explore intersectional issues and highlighting artists from different cultural backgrounds.

Initiatives for Accessibility

We are committed to providing artists of all skill levels with access to our programs. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering an inclusive atmosphere for everyone, whether it is by providing captioning for online material, delivering ASL interpretation at events, or making sure our physical facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Ownership of Funding

We are aware of the structural obstacles underprivileged groups must overcome in order to obtain resources and funding. That’s why we aggressively seek out and support artists from underrepresented backgrounds, giving equity top priority in our fundraising programs. Our mission is to level the playing field and enable all artists to follow their passions by providing targeted grants and scholarships.

The Music Community at MDC

Upon joining MDC Music, you will be a member of a dynamic and encouraging network of mentors, industry professionals, and musicians. Our community is based on cooperation, respect for one another, and a common appreciation of the arts. You’ll feel at home in the MDC Music family, whether you’re looking for collaborators, comments on your most recent production, or just a way to connect with other creatives who share your passions.


Are you prepared to start your creative journey with MDC Music? Investigate our offerings, make a connection with our neighborhood, and realize the countless opportunities that lie ahead. Let’s collaborate to produce, uplift, and inspire the arts in Ontario and beyond.

Come play to the best of your artistic ability with us today!


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