Ruby Anderson is an old soul in a young body whose sultry yet unique voice enthralls her audience. Starting to sing at the age of 4, Ruby got an early start on what would eventually become her passion and true vehicle in expressing herself. Music came easy to her as she was raised listening to legendaryvoices in old country, psychedelic 60’s, and melodic 70’s. As a result, her tone is drenched with echoes of those undeniable influences. Her voice captures so many hints of familiarity, yet not quite traceable for someone of her age.

At 10 years-old, Ruby began singing lessons while also learning to play guitar and piano in hopes of accompanying her voice for performances. Playing coffee houses, open mics, and countless recitals, Ruby was later interviewed for Graceland Performing Arts Camp in 2018. She made her arrival to the music scene known in 2019 with her run in the Rogers Cable TV Rise 2 Fame Youth Talent Search, ultimately placing her as a finalist in the event.

2020 brought about the biggest step in Ruby’s pursuit of a professional music career when she signed to MDC Music to continue her development and begin recording her original songs. In October 2021, Ruby released her debut single I’m Done and since has released several more, culminating in her debut EP, In A Lonely Place, set for release November 11, 2022. The future is bright for Ruby, as she looks to make her mark and establish herself as a top talent for years to come.

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