Welcome to MDC Music, Ontario’s one-stop shop for expert music release solutions. We’re here to support independent musicians, bands, record labels, and other creatives in releasing their music with confidence and success. With our extensive service offering, knowledgeable staff, and unwavering commitment to quality, we’ll walk you through each stage of the release process and make sure your music is heard to its greatest extent.

Concerning MDC Music

Leading Ontario supplier of music release solutions, MDC Music is committed to assisting labels and musicians in releasing their music to a global audience. With years of experience in the music business and a love for helping independent musicians, we’ve built a solid reputation for providing results that are of the highest caliber and individual attention that goes above and beyond.

Our Services for Music Release

1. Allocation

You can easily get your music on all the main digital platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more, using our distribution services. On the day of release, we’ll take care of the distribution logistics to make sure that listeners everywhere can hear your music.

2. Advertising

The success of your music depends on its promotion, and we offer promotion services that will help you spread the word about your release and connect with a larger audience. We will design an influencer relationship, press release, and social media campaign that will effectively promote your song.

3. Advertising

Effective music marketing is essential to gaining followers and advancing your career. Our marketing services are intended to assist you in establishing a connection with your target market and increasing sales and engagement. Together, we’ll create a marketing strategy that appeals to your fan base and showcases your special tale.

4. Publicity and Media Interaction

Developing connections with the media is a crucial aspect of music promotion, and our PR and media relations services are made to assist you in obtaining media attention from blogs, magazines, radio stations, and other outlets. We’ll produce eye-catching publicity materials, send out pitches for your music to bloggers and other influential people, and arrange for media appearances that will boost your exposure and build buzz for your release.

Why Should You Pick MDC Music for Your Needs in Music Release?

Expertise: Your music is in good hands thanks to the years of experience our team of industry specialists has in music release and promotion.

Customization: We’ll adjust our services to match your particular requirements and objectives because we recognize that every release is different.

Outcomes: We’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations in order to help you expand your fan base, attract new listeners, and succeed as a musician.


For my music career, collaborating with MDC Music changed everything. I was able to reach a larger audience and produce more streams and sales than ever before because to their distribution and promotion services.” – Creator A

“My music’s exposure to the media and influential people in the business was made possible by MDC Music’s marketing and public relations services. They assisted me in generating awareness about my release and securing media placements, which raised my profile and opened up new career options.” – Creator B

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Our All-Inclusive Method for Music Release

At MDC Music, we are aware that releasing music is a complex process that needs meticulous preparation, carrying out, and advertising. To optimize the impact of your music and handle every facet of the release process, we provide an extensive range of services.

1. Release Planning

It’s crucial to have a strong plan in place before releasing your music to the general public in order to guarantee its success. Together, you and our team will design a pre-release plan that involves deciding on release dates, producing marketing collateral, and generating excitement among your followers and fans.

2. Planning for Distribution

Selecting the appropriate distribution channels is essential to connecting with your intended audience and increasing the visibility of your music. We will assist you in navigating the intricate web of physical stores, streaming services, and digital distribution platforms to guarantee that your music is accessible to all of your listeners.

3. Marketing and Promotion

In today’s competitive music business, efficient promotion is essential to garnering attention for your song. To help you reach a larger audience and create talk about your release, our team of marketing experts will create a personalized promotion plan that includes influencer collaborations, email marketing, social media marketing, and more.

4. Media relations and publicity

Getting your music included in the media can help you expand your fan base and establish your reputation in the business. Our public relations team will submit your song to bloggers, radio stations, newspapers, and other media venues in an effort to get press attention, interviews, feature articles, and reviews that will raise awareness of your release.

5. Assistance After Release

When your song is published, the labor doesn’t stop—instead, it simply gets started. After your release, our staff will be there to support you with continuous marketing, advertising, and promotion to keep the momentum going and optimize the long-term success of your music.

Our Industry Links and Network

Working with MDC Music has several advantages, one of which is our broad network of collaborations and industry contacts. Our connections to major record labels, booking agencies, distribution organizations, song publishers, and other entities provide us with invaluable information and opportunities that can further advance your music career.


We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous gifted labels and musicians over the years, supporting them as they pursue their commercial success and music release objectives. Here are a handful of instances:

Artist A: With our assistance, Artist A’s debut album was launched to critical acclaim, garnering positive reviews from music reviewers and the interest of big labels and influential figures in the business.

Label B: In collaboration with MDC Music, Label B released a compilation album that included some of the best up-and-coming musicians in Ontario. The record garnered extensive notice in the media, contributing to the label’s and its musicians” increased visibility.

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Are you prepared to successfully and confidently release your music? Get in touch with us right now to discuss your project, find out more about our offerings, or arrange a consultation. We’re here to support you in reaching your music release objectives with MDC Music, whether you’re a solo artist, band, or record label.

Get in touch with us, and together, let’s release your music!


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