Greetings from MDC Music, where you can discover your entire creative potential. Are you an Ontario-based artist hoping to further develop your skills, build a larger network, and launch a successful career? No need to search further. Our extensive artist development programs are painstakingly crafted to enable artists such as yourself, offering unmatched chances for development, cooperation, and achievement.

About MDC Music MDC Music is committed to developing new artists and creating a lively, welcoming musical community. It is at the forefront of artist development in Ontario. Our programs are customized to meet the individual needs and goals of every artist, drawing from our extensive industry knowledge and years of experience.

Our Initiatives

Workshops for Artist Development 1.

Take advantage of our artist development programs to start a life-changing path of self-discovery and talent development. These intensive seminars cover a wide range of topics and are led by seasoned professionals and industry experts. These themes include:

Award-winning songwriters will mentor you as you develop your songwriting abilities and unleash your creativity in songwriting masterclasses.

Performance Methods: Make your live presentations exceptional by improving everything from stage presence to audience interaction.

Production and Recording: Acquire the skills necessary to produce professional-caliber music by learning the ins and outs of mixing, mastering, and recording.

2. Mentoring Initiatives

Through our mentorship programs, receive priceless insights and individualized advice from seasoned artists and business experts. Our mentors are available to share their knowledge, provide helpful criticism, and guide you through the complexity of the artistic landscape—whether you’re an aspiring musician, visual artist, or multidisciplinary creator.

3. Showcases and Networking Events

Join us for our networking events and showcases to meet like-minded artists, network with industry leaders, and have your work seen. We offer venues for artists to shine, interact, and flourish, ranging from small get-togethers to big events.

4. Resources and Finances

Get access to grants, money, and tools to help you with your creative projects. Our mission is to remove financial barriers and enable artists to realize their ambitions by providing equipment loans and project awards.

Reasons for Selecting MDC Music?

Expertise: Reap the benefits of pros in the field with a successful track record.

Join a network of like-minded artists, industry insiders, and mentors who are supportive of your passion and hard work.

Prospects: Acquire special chances for participation, teamwork, and professional growth.

Impact: Use your art to make a significant difference and add to Ontario’s rich cultural environment.


“My artistic career has been greatly influenced by the workshops offered by MDC Music. I never would have imagined the doors that the networking possibilities and the mentors’ priceless advice opened.” Sarah, Songwriter and Singer

“I’ve had trouble finding resources that are specific to my needs as a visual artist. MDC Music’s extensive programs and encouraging community helped me close the gap and advance as a professional and an artist.” Michael, a visual artist

Our dedication to inclusivity and diversity

We at MDC Music think that innovation and creativity are fueled by variety. Our goal is to establish an accepting atmosphere where artists from different backgrounds can freely express themselves and feel appreciated. In order to guarantee that everyone has an equal chance to succeed in the arts, our programs are created to promote diversity and elevate underrepresented voices.

Variability in Content

To enrich our programming, we deliberately seek out a variety of viewpoints and experiences. We seek to provide a wide range of chances for artists to learn, work together, and develop, from organizing workshops that examine intersectional themes to showcasing artists from various ethnic backgrounds.

Accessibility Programs

We are committed to ensuring that artists of all skill levels can participate in our workshops. Our dedication to eliminating obstacles and fostering an inclusive atmosphere is demonstrated by our provision of captioning for online material, ASL interpretation for events, and wheelchair accessibility.

Ownership of Funds

We acknowledge that underprivileged populations encounter structural obstacles when trying to get funds and resources. We aggressively seek out and support artists from underrepresented backgrounds as a result, giving equity a high priority in our funding programs. Our goal is to provide equal opportunities and enable all artists to follow their passions by offering targeted grants and scholarships.

The MDC Music Community

As an artist, mentor, or business professional, you may join the dynamic and encouraging community of MDC Music. Cooperation, respect for one another, and a common appreciation of the arts form the cornerstones of our community. The MDC Music family is a great place to be if you’re searching for feedback on your most recent project, collaborators, or just a place to interact with other creatives that share your passions.Come Assist Us Now!

Ready to advance in your artistic development? Take a look at our offerings, make connections with other musicians, and start a life-changing journey with MDC Music. Let’s collaborate to produce, uplift, and inspire the arts in Ontario.

Unlock your creative potential by joining us today!


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