At MDC Music, we’re committed to fostering and assisting the development of artists and professionals in the music business throughout Ontario. Being the top music development company in the region, we provide a vast array of services aimed at assisting songwriters, producers, performers, and other music industry professionals in realizing their dreams and realizing their full potential. We’re here to support you in thriving in the vibrant and always changing music industry with our knowledge, connections, and steadfast dedication to quality.

About MDC Music: We are a committed group of musicians, educators, and business executives who are committed to improving Ontario’s musical landscape. We are more than just a music development organization. With years of expertise in the music business and a thorough awareness of the particular difficulties and opportunities that today’s musicians face, we’re in a unique position to offer you the direction, encouragement, and tools you require to be successful.

Our Objective

Our straightforward purpose at MDC Music is to enable artists and industry professionals to fulfill their aspirations and reach their goals. We’re here to support you in transforming your love of music into a lucrative and satisfying career, whether you’re a producer trying to polish your sound, a singer-songwriter trying to perfect your art, or a music entrepreneur with big ideas.

Our Offerings

1. Artist Advancement

Our program for artist development aims to support musicians in their development as professionals, artists, and performers. Our services include group workshops and masterclasses, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, and all the tools you need to advance your music.

2. Composing Music

Our staff of skilled producers and engineers, along with our cutting-edge recording studio, are ready to assist you in realizing your musical dreams. We will collaborate with you at every stage of the recording process, whether you’re creating a single, EP, or full-length album, to make sure your music sounds its best.

3. Composing music

Our coaching sessions and songwriting seminars are intended to help you reach your full creative potential and hone your songwritering abilities. We’ll bring you the resources, methods, and motivation you need to write outstanding songs, whether you’re just getting started or want to hone your skills.

4. The Music Industry

Although navigating the music industry might be difficult, our curriculum for music business is available to assist. We’ll provide you the information and abilities you need to thrive in the cutthroat music industry of today, from marketing and promotion to copyright law and contract comprehension.

5. Instruction in Music

We are dedicated to assisting the upcoming generation of artists and music business professionals as a music development organization. For this reason, we provide a range of educational opportunities, such as seminars, workshops, and internships, to support the learning, development, and success of aspiring musicians and business professionals.

Why Opt for MDC Music?

Expertise: We have years of expertise in the music business and the contacts, knowledge, and abilities to support your success.

Community: By signing up with MDC Music, you’ll be a part of a cooperative and encouraging group of educators, musicians, and business people who all have a same love for music.

Resources: We offer the tools and assistance you need to reach your objectives, from our cutting-edge recording studio to our extensive network of contacts in the industry.


“My artistic development and music career have both benefited greatly from MDC Music’s artist development program. Their advice, assistance, and resources have been extremely helpful to my work.” – Creator A

It was an amazing pleasure to collaborate with the producers and engineers of MDC Music. They enabled me to carry out my creative vision and produce music of which I am genuinely pleased.” – Creator B

Our Comprehensive Method for Developing Music

At MDC Music, we think that developing music is about more than just being an expert in a certain area or gaining industry expertise. It’s about nourishing the artist as a whole—body, mind, and soul—to help them reach their greatest creative potential and succeed in the cutthroat world of music.

1. Mental well-being and mindset

We are aware that the music business can be stressful and frequently negatively impacts the mental health of artists. We place a high priority on mental wellness since it allows artists to better manage their stress, anxiety, and other issues. To that end, we offer resources and support. We are here to support you in making your mental health and wellbeing a priority, offering anything from mindfulness exercises to counseling services.

2. Individual Development and Progress

Enhancing your musical abilities is only one aspect of music development; another is personal development. In order to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself on the inside and outside of your career, we provide workshops, seminars, and coaching sessions on subjects including resilience, goal-setting, and self-awareness

3. Group Spirit and Cooperation

We consider music to be a collaborative art form, and we think that music development depends on creating a sense of community and cooperation. We give artists the chance to interact with one another, work together on projects, and encourage each other’s development and success because of this. We can assist you in creating a friendly and cooperative network of fellow artists and business people through networking events, cooperative initiatives, or peer mentorship programs.

4. Inclusion and Diversity

We’re dedicated to advancing inclusivity and diversity in the music business and providing chances for musicians of all identities and backgrounds to thrive. We actively seek out and assist musicians from marginalized populations and endeavor to establish a warm, accepting atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to follow their musical aspirations and feels appreciated and respected.

Our Influence and Success Tales

We’ve had the honor of seeing firsthand how music development can change the lives of innumerable musicians throughout the years. Here are a few instances of our achievements and impact:

Artist A: With our help, Artist A conquered imposter syndrome and self-doubt to become a self-assured and prosperous musician. They gained confidence in their own voice and learnt how to truly express themselves via their music through our workshops and coaching sessions.

Producer B: Although Producer B had a strong desire to produce music, he lacked the necessary technical know-how and business acumen to be successful. They were able to start their career as a professional music producer because of the connections, skills, and confidence they acquired through our mentorship program.

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Get in touch with us, and together, let’s take your music to new heights!


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