At eighteen, pop songstress Victoria has done more in her young life than many established artists can attest to. But that’s no surprise to anyone who meets the driven and exceptionally talented young girl who took to the stage at 7 years of age and embarked on a journey of passion that has seen her jump from success to success. With her powerful and unique vocal style, her presence was immediate as she began her professional career in 2014, participating in “Mini Pop Kids 12” and a year later “Mini Pop Kids 13”. This led to tours and afforded her casting opportunities for television, including participating in the first season of CTV’s “The Launch”.

Thereafter, Victoria met the management team at MDC Music, who began recording and developing her.

“The music will be modern, contemporary, a variation of different things, but you can hear an old school vibe, hip, SZA kind of vibe. It takes you all over.”

Victoria divides her time between school and music and shares her inspirational outlook by saying, “Be true to yourself and don’t let anyone change you just because they don’t like what you are doing. I think uniqueness is essential, especially with this generation. Bring out what’s different because that’s the whole point. If we were all the same, life would be boring.”

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