Born in Toronto, Ontario, Peter Serrado gravitated to music at an early age, discovering a deep love of retro soul and funk, European crooners, Americana roots and R&B. With time, his passion grew and put him on a path to express this as a writer and a performer. As a songsmith, his songs are powerful yet intimate, and reflect an artist wise beyond his years. Peter’s unique voice is drenched in a sweet raspy tone, from a subtle whisper to a scream. His expression is powerful yet intimate, wise yet playful, and evokes the scope of artists such as Ray Lamontagne, Joe Cocker and John Mayer. The pairing of a gravelly voice and a sage soul has led to Peter’s music touchingly reflecting both light and shade.

In February of 2018, Peter became the first unsigned artist to ever compete in Portugal’s Eurovision qualifier, Festival de Cançao. Voted second overall and advancing to the finals, Peter brought his lead single Sunset & A City to televisions around the world. In 2019, Peter was voted “Best New Artist” at the International Portuguese Music Awards in Boston and followed that up winning Music Video of the Year for “Lisbon” in 2022.

As his artistry has evolved, so has Peter. Now, embracing the many styles of music that came before him, Peter distills genres, reckoning what has led him here, with a sense of what is yet to be. Live performances have grounded him, affording opportunities to connect on a more intimate level with ever growing crowds that gravitate to his music, style, and of course, his look, which is a factor not lost on those who have seen him perform. Peter is poised to bring his authentic and soulful message to a wider audience with a determination to prove the waiting is over, his time is now.

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