DANI is one of Toronto’s newest and most original ALT/POP artists rising in the scene. A singer/songwriter and overall storyteller. You can hear influence from Halsey and Dua Lipa in her lyrical stylings and compositions. DANI has an impressive catalogue of moody and honest music; raw and gritty, songs that make you dance, digest and think, and beautiful emotional themes that carry heavy messages that resonate and invoke reflection. She writes music to make people think feel and take action.

Its undoubtedly true that DANI’s live shows are captivating. She has a positive electricity . She loves greeting her fans and getting to know the people that listen to her music.

DANI has been an artist in the dark, writing, perfecting, preparing, and is ready to share her songs and voice with the world.

Top track


I can’t wait to share the soundtrack of my life and imagination with you. This DEBUT Album has been a long and enriching experience, I am so excited to share. Stay Tuned and in Touch on Socials”XO” – DANI

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